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4th & 6th floor, Gedisco Terrace Building Ermita Manila , 1000 (+632) 53104757


As a leading maritime agency, SeAce Marine Services is deeply committed to offering a wide array of services designed to bolster the global shipping industry. Our comprehensive offerings span from adept vessel management and top-notch crewing solutions to invaluable maritime consultancy and unwavering logistics support. We take great pride in our unwavering dedication to excellence and reliability, underpinned by a seasoned team of professionals who prioritize efficiency and safety above all else.

Driven by a passion for exceeding client expectations, we strive not only to meet but to surpass industry standards while actively contributing to the growth and sustainability of the maritime sector. Whether grappling with intricate regulatory landscapes or fine-tuning vessel performance for optimal results, SeAce Marine Services emerges as your trusted ally on the vast expanse of the open seas.

Our Services

Expertly matching skilled personnel to your maritime ventures. Our comprehensive crew management solutions ensure the right team for every vessel, optimizing efficiency and safety on the high seas. Trust us to provide experienced professionals who navigate your success with precision and dedication.

Crew Manning

Crew Manning

Efficiently sourced and meticulously trained, our crew members are the backbone of maritime operations, ensuring safety and proficiency on every voyage. With a focus on quality and reliability, we provide seamless crew management solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Planned Maintenance System

Planned Maintenance System

A proactive approach to vessel upkeep, our Planned Maintenance System ensures scheduled inspections and repairs to prevent unexpected breakdowns. By systematically monitoring and addressing maintenance needs, we maximize operational efficiency and prolong the lifespan of maritime assets.
Ship Management Services

Ship Management Services

From maintenance to crewing, we handle every aspect of vessel operation with precision and expertise. Our services encompass regulatory compliance, cost-effective procurement, and strategic planning to optimize performance and minimize downtime. Trust us to navigate the complexities of ship management.


Seace Marine Services  Inc. is business excellence driven and is the preferred world-class manning agency providing qualified, value-based and competent seafarers through quality-driven crewing services that delight our partners and principals.


We are committed to develop and deploy world-class Filipino Officers and Crew and maintain our unwavering dedication to our Principals, employees, partners, suppliers and shareholders.

President's Message

First of all, i would like to extend my sincerest appreciations and recognitions to the efforts of the members of the Team Seace Marine Services Inc. in their full cooperation and supports extended to me as the President and CEO of our Company that resulted to the success of all desired and planned program , education  and projects , . Continuous improvements was made possible and the Company Vision, Mission and Objectives have been overwhelmingly delivered and achieved.
The Company Performance Management System Annual Report is an open book to all  in order to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the Seace Marine Services Inc.  in the implementation of its designed programs, projects including but not limited to the MLC of our Seafarer  and the QMS and  best interest as a whole.

This annual report also aimed to show and give detailed information our public and our constituents about the actual, realistic and transparent form of good governance performance.

Also, we would like to commend our mentors Seafarers all other Government institutions and our partners Non-Government Organizations in their greatest contributions to make all set turned into a reality.

Our mandate is our task; our task is what we perform. We adhere to serve our Seafarer with humility, integrity and pride and we accept the challenges now, tomorrow and in the future.

God Bless to our Seafarer ,  Mabuhay Seace Marine Services Inc...
Captain Allen B. Jacinto
President / CEO