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Our Services

Expertly matching skilled personnel to your maritime ventures. Our comprehensive crew management solutions ensure the right team for every vessel, optimizing efficiency and safety on the high seas. Trust us to provide experienced professionals who navigate your success with precision and dedication.

Since the newly established Virgin Shipping and Vessel, Seace’s hallmark of crewing services has always been a consistent service provider of competent, hardworking, and reliable Filipino seafarers for all types of vessels worldwide. Over the years, Seace has offered specialized crews for different types of Bulk Carriers (i.e., Gearless, Self Unloading System), Oil and Chemical Tankers,  Passenger Ships, Tug Boats and Jack up Barge, Supply Boats, LCT's, and Barges, among others.
Equipped with an application system, the Crew Management System, and maintaining an extensive database of Officers, Engineers, and Ratings, Seace executes its crew planning, monitoring, and contract management requirements with the aid of said system. 

The functionality of the system serves to establish contract status, expiring licenses, expiring certificates, upcoming sign-offs, upcoming sign-ons, and crew statistics.  Its report-generating feature facilitates tracking and tracing requirements for both crews and principals as but not limited to sea service certificates, crew list by vessel, crew list by rank, the status of licenses, crew, and ex-crew training records, summary list, medical histories and a host of other crew and principal-related metadata.

Premised on the principle that the competence, trainability, ethical and value-orientation of crews and officers are tough selection criteria,  Seace has established its Crew Targeted Selection System (CTSS) that requires an applicant crew or officer to submit 
himself or herself through the rigors of a carefully planned assessment, interviews and verification requirement.

Crew Manning

Crew Manning
  • Crew recruitment, screening and processing based on ship owner’s specific requirements and goals
  • Crew processing and documentation
  • Application for various flag or state licenses and documents
  • Crew accounting, payroll and allotments
  • Crew travel arrangements


  • Provide PMS users training course and SQS familiarization for officers and crew prior to joining the vessel
  • User training and Familiarization on board (Upon request)
  • Full PMS Spare Parts Inventory: Updating PMS on board all Spare Parts Quantities on Hand (ROB)


  • Cost-containment opportunities

  • By providing facilities suitable for full ship management including setting up a team of Superintendents to cater to ship owners who may want to move their ship management operation to the Philippines.